Monday, July 23, 2018

Practice rhythms: partido alto logic

This is a collection of two measure practice phrases based on the concept of the partido alto rhythm, which typically has 3 or 4 quarter notes alternating with 3 or 4 upbeats. I've expanded on that, and written all the possible practice rhythms using 1-6 quarter notes, along with the opposite number of &s, to make seven notes total.

It's really a library item; it may turn out to be very useful, or not very useful, or useful/not useful for certain people doing certain things. Most of us just plow through Syncopation and do our best with what's there, but sometimes it's better to have a single rhythmic idea presented all together like this.

Use these the way you use anything in Syncopation. Obviously they will make good left hand independence rhythms in bossa nova/samba, of left hand and bass drum in a jazz feel. They're also good for playing in 2/2, filling in the 8th notes. See my Funk Control series for examples of possible orchestrations. It could also be used for practicing big band style kicks and set ups.

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James said...

I really like this presentation of the rhythms - great idea. I think you may have left out one permutation of the 'two &s' (#10)