Monday, July 16, 2018

Page o' coordination: jazz waltz with syncopated 4:3 - 02

Here's a variation on the last jazz waltz POC we did, which has a syncopated 4:3 polyrhythm in the feet. Here the bass drum plays dotted quarter notes, and the hihat plays half notes, starting on the & of 2. The polyrhythm isn't actually important. This is more about developing some left hand/left foot independence within a normal modern jazz waltz feel, which will often have a strong dotted quarter note pulse throughout. The other page did something similar with the bass drum, vs. an Elvin-like hihat rhythm I use a lot

I've said before: once you do a few of these pages in a given style, you've kind of got the style covered. And you've learned most of what this format has to teach you; the more pages you do, the smaller the thing you're actually gaining in your playing. It's probably a good sign for your playing if you start practicing yet another one of these things, and it starts feeling somewhat redundant.

Swing the 8th notes. I don't feel it's as important to do all the left hand moves with some of the jazz waltz pages, but here's a fresh link to them if you want to do them. Move to a different drum on every note (or two notes, where there are doubles), according to the patterns at that link.

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