Monday, July 02, 2018

More Frank Butler - intro and break

Another little solo break by Frank Butler, along with something very interesting. The tune is Bobblin'— a bright, somewhat Mingus-like waltz— from the Curtis Amy & Frank Butler album Groovin' Blue, recorded in 1960-61. The tune has an AAB form, with a 10 bar B section, and Butler solos on the last B before he head out, starting at 4:32. Like the last thing, it's a good example of simple, non-technical soloing, using similar language to the simple solo method we've been working with lately.

What's really interesting to me is what he plays on the intro and coda. The sticking here is RRL all the way through— with slight variations when he plays it at the end of the tune. He plays the 8th notes almost straight:

It's a simple thing that is actually very modern— it jumped out at me as being almost Tony Williams-like.

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