Thursday, July 26, 2018

Bass drum rhythms for Latin

These bass drum rhythms are lifted from a page of Songo independence exercises I posted a few years ago. I thought it would be good to have them presented by themselves, apart from all the Songo jibber jabber, for use with that Victor Rendon timbale book, and other things.

I've included the 2-3 Son clave rhythm for reference— you can play that rhythm, or not. Use these with the bell pattern practice section from the Rendon book, or with my recent Mozambique page o' coordination, or anything else clave-based, either Son or Rumba clave. Whatever practice materials you use them with, be sure to use the same clave orientation; if you're using materials written in 3-2, you'll have to reverse the order of the measures on one of the sources so they match.

Patterns 1-3 are the ones you should use routinely with all clave-based playing. Patterns 4-6 will give you a little bit of freedom using those rhythms. Patterns 7-12 give you some more basic creative possibilities. Patterns 13-18 are advanced options, for denser, more fusion-like playing.

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