Wednesday, April 11, 2018

More practice phrases for EZ fills

Here are some more practice phrases to use with my page of  EZ one-beat fills with tom moves, in a fast 4/4, and a slower tempo with the fill in 32nd notes.

On the original page, the fills were four notes long, ending with a cymbal and bass drum on beat 1; some of these end with another drum note— you can play the extra drum notes wherever it's convenient. On the ones that have a crash on the & of 4 and a crash on 1, you may want to play the crash on 1 with your left hand.

When working through these with students learning a new move, I first have them isolate the fill portion from the practice phrase, playing just the fill portion up to beat 1 of the repeat. They can either rest through the rest of the phrase, or just take a long unmetered pause before playing the fill again.

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