Thursday, January 25, 2018

Page o' coordination: SB / BS

For some reason* this particular pattern is always difficult for me: snare-bass/bass-snare on the second two triplet partials. So let's work on it, adding the left foot, and varying the cymbal rhythm. If you find this to be way too easy, try its companion piece, where the pattern is done with the feet with an Afro-Cuban cymbal rhythm.

* - I haven't practiced it very much.

Of course I rushed through posting this, because I screwed up the key before exercise 1. There are no tom toms written into the exercise, and you can play the right hand on any cymbal you want. Try the ride cymbal.

The left hand moves are always good to play through, even though the LH part doesn't change here. This is also a good candidate for deriving tom moves from sequences on the first pages of Stick Control— Play Rs in Stone on a low drum, and Ls on a high drum. So if you're looking at the RRRL pattern in Stone, play the exercises above with the left hand playing low-low-low-high.

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