Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Linear phrases in 3/4, mixed rhythm - 01

More pages of Gary Chaffee linear patterns, in two measure phrases in 3/4, with 8th notes and triplets. If I was about doing things in a logical order, I would have done these pages a long time ago, before doing the same idea in 5/4 and in 7/4. Having worked with those earlier pages quite a bit, these feel a bit redundant to me, but maybe you'll have a use for them, or maybe you were scared off of working on them before because of the odd meter, and the 3/4 will work for you. Dunno.

Use the stickings at the top of the page— you can reverse them, or improvise the stickings, but I think it's a good idea to become extremely solid with the basic RH-lead way. Move your right hand to any drum or cymbal, left hand stays mostly on the snare, but can also move around. Practice getting out of the patterns, with a bass drum and cymbal on 1, or on the last note of the pattern. These could also be played with a swing rhythm. Also see my previous pages of one measure linear phrases in 3/4.

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