Saturday, February 04, 2017

New e-book: 5 Tony Williams Transcriptions

Another new e-book— not new to my long time readers, because most of the contents have been shared here before. Like the title says, it's 5 Tony Williams transcriptions, re-proofed and reformatted for tablets and Kindle.

It includes:

Fall - Complete track from Miles Davis / Nefertiti. Slow tune, coloristic drumming, with metric modulation.

Seven Steps To Heaven - head and trumpet solo, from Miles Davis / Four & More. How to play fast, Tony-style.

Hat And Beard - Head in and out, from Eric Dolphy / Out To Lunch. Famous oddball tune I hear getting played more and more.

Lopsy Lu - Complete track in 12/8 with drum solo from Stanley Clarke's first album as leader. A complete essay on playing a slamming 12/8.

Once Upon A Time - Drum solo in 3/4, from Don Pullen / New Beginnings. Not previously posted on the site.

Instant download for $4.95

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