Thursday, February 09, 2017

Double paradiddle-adiddle

Look, it's not my fault. I never told you I was going to have cool names for the things I make up. Direct your derision at the founding fathers of drumming who put us on this path. To this day I honestly still feel like a jackass telling some little kid there's a thing called a paradiddle— all thanks to them.


NEVERTHELESS: this modification of a double paradiddle plays easily as a three-beat triplet pattern, and gets quite weird when you play it as 16th notes in 4. Here are some exercises for learning how to play it, and also some derivative phrases that are interesting in their own right:

You know what to do. These translate easily into bebop solo ideas. The space at the end of some of the patterns would be an excellent place to add some bass drum. See also my page on a Philly Joe Jones three-beat triplet lick— it's kind of related.

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