Monday, February 20, 2017

A funk sticking in context: RLL

This is the first of several easy pages of exercises for developing kind of an essential thing in funk and fusion drumming, which is not quite a fill and not quite a groove— it's more a way of building intensity. It's good for playing with soloists, for outros, for any place where a tension-building cross rhythm and a lot of cymbals is called for. This first entry deals with a basic three-16th note sticking, RLL, with the right hand on a cymbal, together with the bass drum, and the left hand on the snare drum:

Learn the base pattern in 3/4— use a metronome; also try counting out loud— then play the exercises. Feel free to move your right hand around to different cymbals, and play unaccented snare drum notes very softly. I make extensive use of sampled practice loops, so find one of mine that works, or make your own. This page is designed to be played fast.

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