Friday, January 20, 2017

2016 Book of the Blog NOW AVAILABLE for purchase!

OK, gang, the 2016 Book of the Blog is now available for purchase!

It's 119 pages of pure drum-practicing goodness: all of the downloadable exercises posted on the site last year, plus all of the Reed/Stone practice methods which didn't have an actual pdf download, all handsomely bound in this practice room-ready volume.


— BIG unit on funk! Hit these materials quick to get ready for the release of FUNK CONTROL later in '17.

— Lots of odd meter exercises.

— Transcriptions of Vinnie Colaiuta, Elvin Jones, Billy Higgins, Jeff Porcaro, Airto, Ndugu Leon Chancler, James Black, John Guerin, Joe Chambers, more!

— Practice systems for all levels of players: linear funk with Dahlgren & Fine, New Orleans street beat developers, several EZ funk/rock methods, fluency in 12/8, EZ Tony Williams-like method, uptempo jazz Stone method.

— More Afro 6/8 and 12/8 pages o' coordination, which you've come to know and love. I want my readers to be able to smoke everyone in the world on this extremely fun and rewarding area of drumming.

BONUS: All of our previous book releases will be 15% off until whatever old time I feel like bumping them back up to the regular price. If there are any gaps in your CSD! library, now's the time to buy!


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