Friday, November 11, 2016

Victor Bailey 1960-2016

Learned from Terri Lyne Carrington on Twitter that bassist Victor Bailey has passed away from a long-term muscular dystrophy-like disorder. I knew him best for his playing with Weather Report:

All of the WR albums he's on are classics— Weather Report, Sportin' Life, This Is This; Domino Theory is the one I liked the best:

Related, from that album: Omar Hakim's groove on the tune Predator.

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piggers73 said...

Jesus I didn’t even realize. Here I’m trolling through your blog backwards looking for practice ideas and this post hits me like a hammer... Victor Bailey was easily my favorite bassist for most of my twenties, mostly due to a strange period of listening to those WR recordings endlessly. What a loss; Victor Bailey was a monster, always in the pocket and just will always be in my brain of what a good Funk/jazz/rock bass should some like. I also loved his playing with Sting’s band... the live stuff. Wow, man. Didn’t Kenny Kirkland die tragically, too?