Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Page o' coordination: Afro 6 across the barline

We haven't seen one of these in awhile— seriously, I have posted more stuff on this Afro 6 groove than anybody in the world, and if you have thoroughly practiced any three or four of these pages, you will be more able with this style than 95% of drummers. So get out; go play tennis, work on your screenplay. Get to know your family. Don't be like me.


Nevertheless, this one has an interesting and different bass drum rhythm, that I pilfered directly from Ed Uribe's Afro-Cuban drumming book. Usually, as played on drumset, you tend to emphasize the 1 in this style; here the 1 is obscured by this off beat quarter note rhythm in the bass drum. I would actually treat this as an anticipated 1, putting the emphasis on the last bass drum note in the pattern— the “6” of the second measure.

Remember the rule: learn the whole page, then drill it doing a series of stock left hand moves. I do every possible move with every exercise 2-4 times each, or more if I find myself making mistakes.

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