Monday, November 21, 2016

Chaffee linear phrases in 4/4 with inversions - 01

I've found it helpful to practice Gary Chaffee's linear materials in inversions— not always starting the patterns on beat 1. We've already done that in 3/4 with 16th notes and with triplets; today we'll do the most basic phrases for 16th notes in 4/4:

Play these with an alternating sticking, starting each numbered pattern with the right hand. If you look at my transcription of Nightwalker, you can see that old Vinnie Colaiuta has been working them up leading with the left, too— see the 32nd note lick at the end of the transcription. You can experiment with other stickings as well— try natural sticking or a strictly alternating sticking. Move your hands around the drums/cymbals freely.

Where necessary, I've added pickups for you to begin each inversion with your right hand. Practice ending each pattern with a bass drum and cymbal on 1, as indicated. Alternatively you could end with cymbal and snare drum together, no bass drum. Where a phrase ends with a double on the bass drum, you can play the three bass drum notes in a row necessary to end on 1, or you can play the extra beat of 16th notes I've written. Or at the end of your repetitions of a phrase you can just play beat 4 with your hands only:

Refer to Patterns vol. III by Gary Chaffee (or my other posts) for a full explanation of this system.

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