Monday, October 24, 2016

Daily best music in the world: Paul Motian Trio / Lisbon '86

We're very lucky. When I was first getting into this group around 1989, the only way to see them was to fly to New York, or catch them at a festival in Europe or maybe Japan. I was too poor to be spending money on travel, so I just had to listen to the records— barely plural, because you actually had to buy the things, and there weren't too many used Paul Motian records floating around.

So appreciate this very cool, free, available video of a great band:

I believe those are some famous cymbals he's playing, there— on the right a 22" Paiste “transitional” Dark Ride (so-called because it was manufactured between the 602 and Sound Creation versions of that cymbal, and was not assigned to any line), and on the left a 20" A. Zildjian sizzle cymbal, which he had been playing since Bill Evans days. I believe that cymbal is on those famous Evans recordings. It looks like he's also got an 18" 2002 China Type. The drums he's playing are 70s Sonor Phonics, in what looks like a 13/14/16/22— or maybe even 14/15/16/22— configuration. He's got Remo Pinstripes on the tops. They've detuned themselves from all the rim shots, and by his solo in Pannonica, they sound terrible.

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