Friday, August 26, 2016

Linear patterns in 7/8 - RLBB

UPDATED 8/27: Added one thing to the pdf.

Another page of stuff to play with last year's smoking John Zorn “Solitaire” practice loop in 7/8, this time developing a very common four-note linear pattern, RLBB— an easy pattern to get lost with when playing in that meter. I make no promises about how useful/essential this is in everyday life, but it's fun to practice even if you're not doing a lot of odd meter playing. I take it on faith that it will have positive effects on other areas of my playing.

The method here is pretty straightforward: just play all of the patterns with the practice loop. Feel free to move your hands to any drums or cymbals you want. You can add rests to the patterns to make them fit with the two-measure phrases of the loop— add measures of rest so the practice phrase has an even number of measures. Also see my other materials for use with the Solitaire loop.

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