Monday, May 02, 2016

Page o' coordination: Ventimiglia

This is something I wrote for working on one of my own tunes: Ventimiglia, from my 2014 album, Travelogue. It's a bright 6/8 with a strong pull towards 3/4. The bass line is borrowed from Eddie Palmieri, and in fact we've seen it before in an another practice loop. I'll provide a loop sampled from my record, but you can use the Palmieri loop to do this at a slower tempo.

I do the hopefully-by-now-familiar left hand moves with all of these POCs— I think you should, too.
Be aware of how the ostinato plays in 3/4. I suggest counting in both meters as you play the exercises.

What makes playing in 6/8, and 3/4, so rewarding is that these two meters really coexist— you can play off of a simultaneous quarter note and dotted quarter note pulse— a compound 3:2 pulse.

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