Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Stick Control exercises in 7/8

I was going to try to spread these 7/8 things out a little more, but I've been so occupied with other stuff— like, I'm getting married in a couple of weeks— I'm getting a little desperate to put something, anything up. And I happen to be working on this a lot right now. Between all of these several other pages on this, we should all fairly well have our stuff together for blowing in 7/8 in pretty short order.

Use these just like Stick Control— I play them on the snare drum for one minute each. To move them to the drum set, play your right hand on the cymbal or hihat, left hand on the snare drum, and play the bass drum with some or all of the cymbal notes. Move your left hand around the drums using our same old tom moves, if you'd like— that's a value-multiplier for anything you do on the drumset, actually.

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