Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Daily best music in the world: Red Red Meat

All my writing energy is going into the new CSD! rock-and-funk book, so let's enjoy some more rock & roll. Here's a favorite band of mine: Red Red Meat, from Chicago, who put out a few albums on SubPop in the 90s. I think I read about them in Snipehunt, a Northwest fanzine, which did dozens of short, pretty entertaining album reviews in every issue: “Eleven tracks of pure crap.” was a notable one. Another one mentioned “something resembling a donkey's hoof” shooting out of the speaker and smashing him in the head, and described his experience of the music “lying in a spreading pool of fluid.” I learned about several good bands from them, including RRM. When they played in Portland in 1999, they had a drummer plus a percussionist, who played a lot of extra tom toms. That fattened up the sound in a nice way, without the usual conflicting snare-and-cymbals thing that usually bugs me about two-drummer bands.

From their 1994 album Jimmywine Majestic:

A couple more after the break:

A little Stones vibe here:

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