Saturday, June 06, 2015

Comedy break

While I'm embroiled in working on the new rock-and-funk book— which is in the wonderful snowballing-on-me-and-just-about-needing-a-total-reorganization phase— enjoy some classic turn-of-the-90s comedy: Get A Life, starring Chris Elliot. If you haven't seen it, it is the greatest thing in the world, EVAR. I've these memorized for about 25 years, and they're never too far from my mind.

Here, Larry, have a stick... it's an old Navajo snack-treat...
First, Camping 2000, in which Chris and his best friend go camping with Chris's dad (played by his real-life dad, and comedy legend in his own right, Bob Elliot), and end up getting lost and eating hallucinogenic berries, which give them homicidal delusions:

More after the break:

The old flip flop-a-doodle...  
Prisoner of Love: Chris is visited by his freshly-paroled female prison pen pal, who turns his home into a criminal hideout, takes Chris hostage. Co-starring Brian Doyle-Murray, who plays his drunken, disgraced ex-cop landlord. Written by Charlie Kaufman, screenwriter of the movie Adaptation.

Go on, knock me on my ass with your mysterious name...
Health Inspector 2000; upon finding a rat in his milk, Chris decides to become a person whose job it is to inspect food, discovers corruption of a different kind:

Cage goes in the water... you go in the water... shark's in the water...
Neptune 2000: Chris's mail-order submarine arrives 20 years after ordering it from the back of a comic book, nearly suffocates and/or drowns along with his dad on an ill-adviced father/son bonding foray:

There are maybe 18-20 more really strong episodes, and even the handful of relatively weak ones are still a lot of fun.

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