Thursday, October 09, 2014

Page o' coordination: Afro 6 with feet in 3 — 01

Well, I've written more of these than anyone should rationally need, but did I ever say this was going to be a rational pursuit? And there are more coming, built on this basic idea of playing the feet in 3/4 during this feel. If you've surmounted the learning curve on these pages, each new entry should not be a big deal. Hopefully you're beginning to anticipate what many of the left hand parts are going to be, and are able to play them without having to look at the page too much. I'm not ready to abandon the page altogether in practicing these, though— there's a lot going on coordination-wise, and it's good to have a quick reference to confirm you're playing everything where you want it.

Here's a fresh link for the left hand moves. On any exercises with four notes (or four singles and doubles) in the left hand, I like to also do the Stick Control-derived moves. It's good to be thorough, but it's also good to get through the whole page in a reasonable amount of time. Don't bog down in the moves.

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