Friday, September 12, 2014

Reed interpretation: fast within slow — alternative sticking

Here's another set of stickings for that last “fast within slow” Reed interpretation. The major thing we'll be using is the sixtuplet form of the six stroke roll— or the “Swiss” sixtuplet, as I sometimes call it (which is not Swiss)— any place where the fill-in is two complete 16th note triplets, the sticking will be RLL-RRL. Single 16th note triplets will be RRL, and three triplets will be RLL-RRL-RRL. Everything else uses combinations of those. Also, any time there are two accented notes in a row, we will alternate them. The filler triplets will always start with the right hand. You can, of course, run the whole mess starting with the left hand, as well.

Here are these stickings applied to the examples from last time:

Just a quick refresher on how we're arriving at the interpreted rhythm. Take the written rhythm, and:
1) Swing the 8th notes— play the &s late, so they line up with the last note of a triplet.
2) Accent the written rhythm.
3) Fill in the spaces between the written notes with quiet 8th note triplets.
4) For each of those filler notes, play a 16th note triplet.
5) Badabing, you're doing the rhythms you see above.

So, you should be to get these pretty smoking fast with these stickings— they're designed for that.

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