Sunday, September 28, 2014

Generic Latin method for Syncopation: part 1

Here's a basic method for doing a generic, Afro-Cuban-derived Latin feel using the book Syncopation. We'll be taking rhythmic patterns out of Reed, and using them as our bell pattern, playing them with the right hand on the cymbal or cowbell, and adding several left hand parts, and basic bass/hihat ostinatos to them. Usually clave is an issue with anything Salsa/Cuban-oriented, but we are not actually doing clave-based music here; these grooves are really non-clave jazz with a Latin flavor.

Use this method with pp. 10-11, and 29-44 of Syncopation (page numbers from the old edition— part of the new edition is one page off from that)— that does include the long syncopation exercises, played straight through, top to bottom.

Start just playing each of the LH parts along with one line of Reed, then add each of the foot parts, moving on to the next line/exercise after you've done all possible of hand/feet parts. Shoot for doing one or two pages out of Reed, plus improvising, per practice session.

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