Saturday, March 08, 2014

Page o' coordination: the middle of the triplet

[UPDATE: download link is working now!]

This is the first of two rather punishing entries into this Afro 6 series of stuff; this is actually preparation for the next one, which is really hard. Here our ostinato has both feet played in unison on the middle note of the triplet (6/8 is counted in two, with a triplet subdivision), along with the Afro-Cuban/African bell pattern in the right hand. Be careful the time doesn't shift on you— you don't want to start hearing the feet notes as being on the beat; you may have to count out loud, in 2 (1 is on the first 8th note in the measure, 2 is on the fourth), to keep it straight.

This is not a performance ostinato; we're cutting some new coordinational pathways, and getting better acquainted with the middle note of the triplet, which is more strongly felt in African music than in American music.

Here's a fresh link to the left hand moves I do with all of the POCs. If you're just getting started with these things, I suggest you start with this page, this page, and then this page. Then root around under the Page o' Coordination-labeled archives for the more challenging stuff.

Get the pdf

And once again, here's a track I like to play along with:


Anonymous said...


The link to the PDF does not appear to be working. Thanks.

David Hurd

Todd Bishop said...

Thanks for the heads up-- it works now.