Monday, February 03, 2014

What to do with Reed

I stumbled across this in the depths of the Drummerworld discussion forum— drum instructor Jacob Kaye from Montreal has posted a little summary of some of the stickings used with Ted Reed's Syncopation. I don't know if it's his original work, or what; it looks like about a fourth-generation photocopy of something that has seen the walls of a lot of drummers' studios:

And of course you do all of those starting with the left hand as well. Kaye has a handful of good downloadable stuff posted on his site, which I encourage you to go get. He studied with Jim Chapin and my guy Charles Dowd's mentor, Saul Goodman, and he looks like a good person to study with if you are in Montreal.


  1. This originated with Jim Chapin, or at least Jacob probably got it from him. A friend of mine went to a Jim Chapin clinic at PASIC one year (around 1993), and this was part of a handout that Jim was distributing (and which I borrowed and photocopied from my friend).

  2. Thanks Ed! I wonder if I have in my archives somewhere? I also saw him at PASIC in '85. Got to go root around in my mom's basement for that...

  3. Hey Todd, I can probably dig it up and scan a copy of all of the pages for you. It consisted of the Moeller whip exercises that later appeared in his instructional video, plus some assorted other things. In fact, I have a vague recollection that there was a date handwritten on the handouts, and it might have actually been 1985. Perhaps he put all of it together for that PASIC appearance.

    I went to PASIC in 1995, and I spent several hours while I was there hanging around Chapin in the exhibit hall, watching him demonstrate his technique and listening to his (numerous) stories.

  4. That'd be great, if you can find them! Just send them to my regular email. Chapin really made himself ubiquitous-- we kept seeing him around at PASIC (him and Zoro, who wasn't famous yet) showing somebody something. Same thing at NAMM in '95, when I was there with Mike Snyder.

  5. Bill Stieger12:45 AM

    It looks exactly like the exercises from Jim Blackley's "Syncopated Rolls" book.


  6. hi, there!
    new follower, here ... from far abroad, jeje ...
    that´s exactly page 20 from advanced techniques vol. II ... i have a copy of that monster book ...


  7. that's exactly page 20 from advanced techniques II ...