Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Page o' coordination: 2 over 3 metric modulation

We've done some jazz waltz POCs, and some metric modulation POCs, but some people will still have problems moving between the two in actual playing, so here's something that may help with that. The modulation we're doing is 2 over 3; playing a slower 2 over a measure of 3/4:

This is a jazz waltz study, so you're going to want to swing the 8th notes. You should probably do the previous metric modulation POC entries before doing this one. Make sure you can play each measure by itself before playing the entire line. If you want, you can double or halve each part of the line, so you're playing 4 measures, or 1 measure, of each pattern. Or you can vamp on each half of the the line— play the first two measures for a long time, then whenever you're comfortable, play the second two measures, and repeat. It will be tempting to feel the second two measures of each line at the slower, modulated tempo, but keep counting and feeling the original quarter note pulse, at least at first. And do the tom moves.

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