Thursday, February 20, 2014

Book review!

Hey, there's a nice little review— my first book review ever, actually— of the 2013 Book of the Blog at Joe The Drummer's place:

“There is a theme of the 3:2 polyrhythm running through the book and the highlight, for me, is the Afro-Cuban/Brazilian section which is bursting with coordination exercises to develop playing in 6/8. I have a need to develop my Songos, Mozambiques and Guaguancos too so I think I’ll be spending a lot of time in this section in particular. 
Todd’s exercises are always very methodically written with a view to covering the subject at hand comprehensively but efficiently. One of his favourite things is interpreting reading exercises from Reed’s Syncopation and by learning the different ways to use Reed (or similar reading texts) we are given a framework for developing our own interpretations of any material we’re working on. 
The Cruise Ship Drummer Book of The Blog – 2013 is a wonderful compendium of stuff that could keep enthusiastic drummers busy for years and is a great example of how self-publishing creates opportunities for talented and well educated people to make their contribution to the world of music education.”

 He's right about the 3:2 thing— more and more I think that's the African gene that, without which I think we'd all be just boom-chucking our lives away...

Joe is a blogger himself, with a lot of good stuff I haven't seen anywhere else— I highly recommend digging through his archives, and making the blog a regular stop.

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