Thursday, July 11, 2013

Paradiddle-diddle variations, for jazz

Hey, we haven't done anything for the snare drum in awhile— in my own practicing I've been preoccupied with Dahlgren & Fine's Accent On Accents books, and Buster Bailey's Wrist Twisters, and my students are doing other things. But a Drummerworld forum member requested some snare drum exercises suitable for developing jazz coordination, so here we are. Paradiddle-diddles are extremely well-suited to this task, since playing them with your right hand on a cymbal makes the standard jazz ride pattern, with the left hand filling out the triplets on the snare drum. Varying the accents and adding flams will develop some left hand chops, while exploring some different ride interpretations with the right.

Only the right hand lead form is given, because the goal is to turn this directly into a jazz coordination pattern; but do them left hand lead, too. When playing them as triplets on the drumset, you can also play the bass drum lightly on all four beats, or on 1 and 3.

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