Friday, February 15, 2013

New lessons site up

Here's part of what I've been doing this week instead of posting here— completing my new private lessons site. If you're in the Portland metro area, don't hesitate to get in touch re: private lessons. Struggling drummers are my specialty, so don't go thinking you need to already be a smoking player. I don't offer Skype lessons yet, but if I get a few requests I will be encouraged to get that together more quickly— probably one or two lucky students will get a few free lessons while I get the technical kinks ironed out.

Oh, and if you're a teacher and/or performer and would like me to put together a similar site for you, contact me and we can discuss it.


Simon said...

Hi Mr. Bishop,

Although your skype thing is not happening just yet, I wondered whether you do appraisals of performances (recordings) with suggestions for things to work on? I live in the UK and am unlikely to get to the states anytime soon.

Todd Bishop said...

Yes, of course! Shoot me an email and we can discuss it. tb