Saturday, February 16, 2013

Elvin-like 5/4

Here's another in this fairly massive Elvin series, which I wrote to develop this unusual cymbal pattern in 5/4, with the 8th notes on beats 3 and 5. The first measure is the cymbal-and-feet ostinato, and the second measure is the Elvin-style pattern, with the left hand in the gaps in the feet parts. The remaining exercises are left hand independence exercises adapted to work well with this particular ostinato.

By now we've accumulated a bunch of pages of this sort of thing, but don't be overwhelmed by that; learning any one of them thoroughly is a serious accomplishment. You will have the basic thing together, and subsequent pages will happen much faster. First get them together playing the left hand normally on the snare drum, then do the tom moves, with the LH playing a rim click on the snare.

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