Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Amazon store up

Just a quick note to direct your attention to the new Cruise Ship Drummer! Amazon store in the sidebar. It's full of recommended music, books, gear, and other drumming junk, and when you order through the store, we get a small commission (emphasis on small), which helps us keep bringing you quality content on a near-daily basis.

While we're being mercantile, other ways you can support the site include:
  • Making a cash donation via the “donate” button in the sidebar. Just look to the right and scroll down a bit... there it is... 
  • Buying the 2011 Book of the Blog (vol. 1, 130+ pages of transcriptions— I'm hoping to get vol. 2 completed before 2013...). Just hit that link, or click on the big yellow-y thing in the sidebar. 
  • Buying my records. Either CDs (hit the purchase CDs link in the sidebar) or digital download
  • Getting me something from my Amazon wish list, through the Astore

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