Monday, July 23, 2012

Delecluse revoiced for the drumset

This is a piece a lot of you current or former percussion majors should be familiar with-- Etude 4 from Methode de Caisse-Claire by Jacques Delecluse. I've made a three limb drumset study out of it:

I looks like a lot of stuff, but I was trying to address one basically one thing-- singles with the hands interacting with the bass drum; mostly with the BD at the end of the motif. It's fairly challenging but doable at the original marked tempo of quarter note = 100-- I suspect 80 BPM will be a more realistic goal for most people. Do your best to make the written dynamics. I didn't want to clutter up the page with the stickings, but a little later I'll scan and post my marked up copy. Try to keep it pretty strictly alternating, with no doubles or drags. You'll find that a lot of phrases start with the left hand. I'll record it for you when and if I have the time to get it to a satisfactory state. And it's subject to revision as I work through it and find things I like better musically.

Get the pdf

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