Saturday, April 28, 2012

Developing Elvin's Afro-Waltz, part 2

I've been doing a lot of this sort of thing in my own practicing lately- practicing snare drum variations vs. a cymbal/hihat/bass drum ostinato, via Dahlgren & Fine, and my own materials. Ralph Humphrey's Even in the Odds sets up a similar thing, which we'll be working with soon. So here's a variation on Elvin Jones' afro-waltz groove from Your Lady, using my favored hihat part for a jazz waltz, the 2 and the & of 3. I've filled that to make a 6/8 SD/BD/HH part similar to Elvin's groove, and then given the snare drum variations to fit with the other parts.

See the part 1, and my suggested tom tom moves for ways of practicing this. And listen to a whole lot of Coltrane, starting with Live at Birdland, and Coltrane.

UPDATE: Wow, there were way too many typos in there- updated the pdf to correct them.

Get the pdf.

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