Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Groove o' the day: Elvin afro-waltz

I've been working on a transcription of Elvin's playing on John Coltrane's Your Lady, from Coltrane Live at Birdland, but it's not going to be ready today. Here's a little teaser, though- the closest thing there is to a main groove for the tune- it's sort of a stripped down version of the familiar triplety Elvin afro three. You can hear several measures of it at the end of the first time through the melody.  As is usual with Elvin, emphasize the & of 2 on the cymbal:

And swing the 8th notes, natch.

YouTube audio after the break- transcription of the intro and complete head coming soon...


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  2. That's a killing groove. The way the left hand fits together with the feet is really ingenious...but of course it's Elvin. So what else would you expect? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous12:42 PM

    This has been one of my favorite tracks for a decade- Elvin's bad-assery on this (others too, but this is top three or so in terms of marriage of drums and tune)really inspired me to pick up the drums. So glad you're transcribing some of this. Just a wicked tune with perfectly intense, sensitive drumming. t
    This tune wouldn't be so awesome without Tyner's colorful piano playing. and Trane is at his modal best here. Just awesome music built on a single bass note.
    Ravel did something similar with Bolero on an orchestral scale, but this quartet gets comparable intensity out of four players. Thanks!

  4. Yeah! I did this in a recital in 1990. For some reason it doesn't seem to be a real famous piece- nobody ever talks about it. I think David Liebman recorded it in the 70's, but it never gets played.