Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Ultimate

Here's The Ultimate Elvin Jones, one of the first Elvin records I ever got. I think it was out of print at the time, and I was really lucky to find an LP copy (a CD player affordable to me was a few years away) that had been sitting in the bins a long time, mealy cardboard, brittle, yellowing cellophane and all. That opening track "In The Truth" felt like a whole level of seriousness above anything I knew at the time. Incredible, pure, one of the greatest things ever.

Listen to the rest of the album after the break:


  1. Great record. I hope you have Puttin' It Together as well. Same trio.

  2. Yes, absolutely! Though I wasn't able to find that one until years later... you really had to scrounge for stuff way back then...