Thursday, January 20, 2011

Verdict: Android Retro Camera

The Android Retro Camera app is dead to me. After much intensive research (I took a picture and opened it in Photoshop), I've discovered that while the camera phone has a maximum resolution of 2048x1536, giving a managable 5.12" image @ 300 dpi, the Retro Camera app only offers a maximum resolution of 1024x1024, or 3.4" @ 300dpi. Better than the horrible 512x512/1.7"@300dpi the thing maddeningly forced on me before, but still not good enough for a CD cover. Probably the reason for this is to keep the processing times manageable. I guess the thing would also be worthless if I have to wait five minutes between shots, but it's certainly worthless for anything but screwing around as is. So:

I can sympathize with questions like "what do you expect from a phone camera, idiot?", but what the hell, I can pretty much guarantee that the lens in the Garmin phone (and any other lens known to man, for that matter) has better resolving power than the horrible plastic thing in the Diana. If I can get a good-sized, minimally-compressed image from a camera phone, fine; for me it's usable.

More pictures after the break:

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