Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sampled play-along loops

This is something I've been doing lately- making play-along loops from drumless parts (usually intros) of favorite tracks. My attorney tells me this is of dubious legality distrubution-wise, but until I receive a cease-and-desist letter from Keith Jarrett's ghost, I'll leave them on my site free of charge for you to use as you like. You should buy the mp3 of the complete tune, if not for ethical reasons, at least so you know what's going on musically on the track. You can use the links I've provided, or go to Amazon or iTunes.

The loops are very quick and dirty- you may hear a pop at the top of the loop, and tempos may fluctuate slightly. This is actually a good thing- it forces you to listen and adapt. They are not meant to replace a metronome- I would use them more for creative practice rather than time feels. You can also make your own using the free program Audacity.

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