Tuesday, January 18, 2011

About my sites

PDX Drummer - My drum instruction site. Lots of hard-sell please-please-study-with-me stuff, but also very robust pages of my recordings, exercise/transcription/play-along downloads, and recommendations/tips on purchasing everything related to drumming. Also links to my Amazon store.
Pop Art 4 - My major project right now; I'm currently reorganizing it, putting together material for a new CD, and booking our 2011 Europe tour. Our first CD, 69 Année Érotique- featuring the music of Serge Gainsbourg- was well-received, making several writers' best of 2009 lists.
Pop Art 4 on MySpace - Yes, yes- I'm aware that MySpace is dead as disco- deader- but it's still OK for bands. And the Europeans are still using it. Anyway, lots of good stuff in our MySpace blog, particularly our reviews, airplay, and assorted publicity.
The Notables - My events band. The site is in dire need of an update, so please don't judge me on the horrible things you find there. It's important that you don't judge me. But don't hesitate to contact The Notables for all your wedding entertainment needs!

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