Sunday, July 02, 2006

Another month bites the dust!

Just got back from 4 weeks on the river. I shot a buttload with the Nikon, mostly hp5 pushed to 1600. Taking pictures of the band has pretty much lost all the interest it ever had for me, so now it's become more a technical thing of figuring out how to frame a decent candid shot.

Anyway, here's Bob! Our new bandleader from the Mississippi boats. He is one crusty old bastard, friends. Real nice guy though, great arranger and player. He informed me that he is now off the hook with his old drummer Marty Morrell (who was pissed at him for not giving him my job)- Marty landed and is enjoying the Duke Ellington orchestra gig. Apparently there's enough of the old cats still on the band to make it interesting.  Posted by Picasa

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