Friday, January 06, 2006

Trip to Longview!

Here are a few pictures from last Fall, on our weekly ride to Longview, WA (diseased exithole of the pacific northwest). We're in Willie's rusting Chicago-wintered Toyota van. He likes to blast Donna Summer. Note the extra-wide format- the stupid Stylus Epic has a "panorama" feature that actually just crops off the top and bottom of a normal 35mm frame so 1-hour machines will print them as panoramic. Total bunk feature, because all you have to do is ask the crackhead technician to print something as panoramic to get the same effect. That way you at least have a choice. Here you just lose a bunch of image for no reason. Anyhoo, I accidentally had the thing on "PANORAMA" and since I usually don't look through the viewfinder for these shots, I shot a whole roll like this.  Posted by Picasa

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