Thursday, January 05, 2006

Queen of the West, 2005!

OK, the '05 season is finally over and I have some time to post all of the crap I've been shooting all season. Mostly I've been using twin Olympus Stylus Epics, one loaded with black & white, the other with slide film, to be cross-processed. I've got a huge backlog of stuff, and I have sworn to be diligent about posting regularly. This may be the bittersweet final body of pictures from the Queen, because it's looking like change may be afoot. Office may be bringing in a newly unemployed bandleader from New Orleans (all the Delta Queen boats are shut down due to Katrina), who apparently gets to pick his band, forcing us to audition for our own jobs. So who knows, maybe we'll take the band to Hong Kong or something. Here, Tim and I sit in the green room (OK, the hall) waiting to go on. It must be "country" night.  Posted by Picasa

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